Glass Skin: How to Achieve It

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Glass skin is still in, and people have always loved the look of it. It has been a trend for a couple of years already, which Koreans popularized. People, especially makeup enthusiasts, love how dewy and radiant their skin look, so they make sure that they will always have glass skin.

If you want to achieve glass skin, then we will have to talk about the very first thing that you should have—clear skin. Many people use products, such as those by Origani, for their skin as they have found that these products make their skin look similar to that of a K-pop star. You can look for Origani reviews on the Internet to check out these kinds of products. You need to go to the right place to achieve the glass skin that you have always wanted.

Look natural with a good primer

Glass skin is all about looking natural. This means that you will have to use less makeup than usual, and the coverage should be light to medium. To achieve glass skin, the first thing that you should use is a good makeup primer. You can ask a friend or an expert to look for a primer that is good and effective enough. A good primer helps the makeup last for the whole day. It also serves as a protective barrier over the skin, which protects the skin from breakouts and blemishes. You may choose a primer that has avocado and jojoba oil. They help the skin become supple, smooth, and radiant all throughout the day.

Opt for powder foundation

After the primer, make sure to use something with light coverage. Your face should not be caked with foundation as it will make the look appear heavier than it should, which defeats the purpose of glass skin. Use powder foundation as it helps achieve glass skin effortlessly. You can opt for powder foundation that is mineral-based because it is good for the skin.

Be picky with the products you buy for your skin

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Other types of makeup have very harsh ingredients that can cause you to break out in spots or pimples. Thus, you should be very picky with your skincare and makeup. See to it that you take a good look at the ingredients before purchasing makeup. Make sure that the products that you are going to buy will clear up your skin and make it radiant. This makes it easier for you to achieve glass skin.

Make sure to use some cream-based makeup products, such as cream blushes and stick bronzers. Apply them lightly on your skin. You may use lip gloss along with a light pinkish-red lip tint to get a Korean-beauty look. Do not apply too much makeup when opting for this kind of look as you want a more natural approach when it comes to glass skin.

If you want to try the glass skin trend for yourself, go ahead and try those products that can help you achieve it. Follow some of these tips and see your skin glow in the end.

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