Are You Planning a Spring Wedding?

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It’s never a bad idea to have a wedding reception in Wichita during springtime. The cold is easing while mild warm weather starts to take over. The surroundings have more colors, and the atmosphere feels vibrant. Before you say I Do, though, make sure that you are prepared. These questions can help you plan a springtime wedding:

1. What’s the climate in Kansas?

Kansas has a continental climate, which means that there are significant variations in temperature, especially between summer and winter. Take, for example, the average high temperature between June and December in Wichita. According to US Climate Data, June will be 29.8 degrees Celsius while December will be 6.2 degrees Celsius. The good news is that the state also has a temperate climate, which also implies that the cold and hot months don’t linger for a long time.

2. Is it going to rain in spring?

Kansas has one of the highest precipitations in the United States. It can receive as much as 41 inches of rain annually while the national average is only 39 inches. In other words, it can rain during spring. Estimates suggest it can be six days a month. But between April and May, the likelihood of much rain will be on the latter. The chance of rain is also higher in the summer.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, it’s best to have an alternative. Look for a venue that offers both outdoor and indoor areas. You don’t need to use both, but the other can serve as a backup.

3. How busy is spring in the state?

Spring seems to breathe life back into the state as most everyone is outdoors. And it’s not only because flowers are beginning to bloom and the sky is blue. There are a lot of things happening during spring, especially festivals and basketball. August is the busiest month, but you can also expect an influx of people during the season, particularly in March.

The higher-than-usual number of visitors can affect your logistics and budget for the wedding. First, it means accommodation choices may be fewer and pricier. Second, you can expect busier streets. It matters if your venue is far from the reception area.

If you want to save yourself the hassle, look for accommodation with a wedding reception venue available. This way, you and your guests don’t need to commute and fight your way through traffic. Good accommodation choices can even provide you with an all-in package, which may be more practical if not cheaper.

4. How much does it cost to get married during spring?

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According to the 2015 Knot report, a typical wedding in Kansas can cost around $16,000, which makes it one of the most affordable in the country. The venue will still eat the most significant share at almost $10,000.

A lot of factors, though, can affect your budget and spending, especially during spring. For example, do you want some entertainment? Considering there are festivals and people are going outdoors more frequently, securing artists might be more challenging. Keep in mind that spring is the second busiest seasons after summer. Most prices will increase.

A springtime wedding in Kansas is fun, but it can also be a financial and logistic nightmare if you don’t plan well. These questions can serve as your guide as you choose your venue, set the best date, and create a budget.

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