4 Design Options for Sectional Sofas

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The sofa is one of the most important pieces of furniture in any property. Though confined to living rooms in the past, sofas are now found in bedrooms where they are a place to relax before retiring to bed. Moreover, almost all high-end offices have sofas for the relaxed seating of their guests.

There are many types of sofas, but sectional sofas are currently the leading choice for commercial and residential spaces. This is because the sectional sofas you see that are for sale online are comfortable, take up minimal floor space, and allow the seating of a large number of people. Furthermore, sectionals, as they are known in most cases, are versatile and can be separated when hosting a large group of people to maximise seating space.

The following are a few of the currently trending sectional sofa designs that might suffice for your space.

L-Shaped Sectionals

These are perhaps the most popular sectionals available. L-shaped sectional sofas are designed for versatility since you can lay out all the pieces of the sofa separately. You can choose to have this sofa against a wall for maximum floor space or floating in the centre of your room to make it seem full. Add some ottomans around the sofa to keep magazines or to have a place to stretch the legs and allow for complete relaxation.

U-Shaped Sectionals

These have two wedges or edge items, unlike L-shaped sectionals, which allow more room for people who want to recline their seats without touching the opposite side of the sofa.

U-shaped sectionals, therefore, suffice for recreation and media rooms and large meeting rooms. They are bulkier compared to L-shaped sectionals, however, so they will need considerable floor space.

Chaise Sectionals

chaise sectional sofa

These resemble an ordinary three- to four-seater sofa with an added chaise lounge along one end. This way, you integrate the seating capacity of sofas with the convenience and comfort of a chaise lounge.

Chaise sectionals are perfect for those aiming for the look of an L-shaped seat, but do not have enough room for it. Though commonly used in residential settings, this sofa is also ideal for offices in creative fields like marketing. You can add a few freestanding chairs in the room to create conversation areas when using a chaise sectional.

Pit Sectional

This is primarily designed for residential spaces. It features numerous spaces as well as footrests for the maximum comfort of its users. This is generally used for recreational rooms and bedrooms, as there are limitless possibilities on how you can arrange its pieces. You can exclude a few pieces to make a U- or L-shaped sectional sofa and maximise its seating capacity.

Sofas have moved from being drab-looking furniture pieces to fab. Sectional sofas now come in bold colours, eye-catching textures, and interesting geometries. Some of the standard textures used for sofas in modern spaces are lush fabrics, like velvet and deep tufting. Before you shop for the above sofas, have the exact dimensions of your room to guarantee that the sectional sofa you choose will fit.

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