Gifts Ideas with a Personal Touch for the Ones You Love

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In this age of online shopping and door-to-door delivery systems, gift-giving has become less of an art and more of a knee jerk reaction. It used to be that you would plan weeks or even months ahead of the gift-giving event for your loved ones, going from one store to another to decide on what to give, then going back to each store to find the best one. Now, it’s just a matter of clicking on online store apps, which only feature select items or bestsellers, making a selection, paying for it, and having it delivered (gift wrapping is an option) to the recipient. Though some might argue the ease of doing this, some often find that the personal touch of giving gifts is lost, among other reasons.

Because personalized gifts have become more of a cliché, the alternative is to choose gifts that are expensive, to show the person receiving the gift that you care. Gifts have now become a materialistic item rather than a memento or token of love.


Fortunately, there are still ways to personalize the gifts that you give to your loved ones that do not break the bank. Some ideas are:

  1. Engraving. Turn a simple locket or bracelet into something special by having it engraved with your special someone’s pet name, the title of the song (or beginning of the refrain thereof) that was playing when you had your first dance, or when you proposed. For your parents on their anniversary, get them a pair crystal wine glasses engraved with something funny like “Clinking of you both on your 25th Anniversary, Mom and Dad!” and their personal names.
  2. Monogramming. Stylized embroidered monograms of a loved one’s initial (first or last name) adds class and uniqueness on an otherwise ordinary handkerchief, tie, veil, or other personal item made of cloth.
  3. DIY projects. An item you personally make for that someone special screams “I love you” more than anything you can buy that is a finished product. Examples of this type of personalized gifts include knitting a sweater, pair of glove, scarf or any similar item of clothing or accessory. You could also consider cross-stitching a family portrait using apps that can create a cross-stitch pattern that you then execute on cross-stitch cloth. Your parents will certainly love this gift item. Another option is making handmade quilts using pre-cut quilt kits. Quilts are perfect gifts to give loved ones because they keep the recipient warm physically and, because you personally made it for him or her, emotionally as well.


A great gift is something that takes a lot of effort on the part of the giver if it is to be genuinely appreciated. You can, of course, take the short and easy route by getting something expensive but, over time, these types of gifts will be less appreciated and replaced. Personalized gifts like quilts made from pre-cut kits and made by your own hands, are priceless in the eyes of the loved one you give it to and last far longer because the effort you put into it is remembered way past its useful life.

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