Getting to Know Each Other Better: Romantic Ideas for Your Next Dates

Italian Cuisine

Italian CuisineFirst dates are just the start of what may turn out to be the greatest love story of all. If you would like to know more about the person you are seeing, the subsequent dates will be crucial. Whether you live in Brisbane or Darwin or Sydney or Perth, it helps if you know where the best date spots in the city are.

There are various places in Brisbane perfect for romantic dates. You can impress your special someone if you plan your date well and make the evening extra sweet. Add a little more fun to your date with these ideas:

Indulge in Italian Cuisine

You can never go wrong with Italian cuisine for a sumptuous but casual dinner. There are lots of trendy Italian restaurants around the metro, but if you want a new dining experience, there are excellent restaurants in the Indooroopilly Shopping Centre that offer a great contemporary ambience and even better Italian food.

Learn How to Dance the Salsa

Let the mesmerising beats and melodious music make your next date night more fun. Enrol in a salsa dancing class and learn to dance it beautifully. After all, nothing beats learning a dance like salsa than with a willing partner.

Go Bushwalking

Think about going bushwalking if you would like to go on an adventure-filled date. Put on your walking shoes and plan your route. You can go to Mt. Cootha which is minutes away from the city centre or visit parks around the city. You can share stories as you walk and marvel at nature together.

Secure Your Love with a Padlock

Make sure your love for each other is safe and secure. In Brisbane, you can find bridges with padlocks, each one labelled with the names of a couple. It is a symbol that their love will stay strong and will last forever.

It does not have to be Valentine’s Day to set up a romantic night with your date. All you need is a good place where you can take your date and have a fun night together.

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