Electronic Cigarettes and Their Yummy Flavors

electronic cigarette

electronic cigaretteSmoking may leave you with bad tobacco taste in the mouth, but with vaping, you certainly can smell of fruits, coffees, desserts and much more. That is because electronic cigarettes, unlike their traditional counterparts, come with e-liquids that contain not just nicotine, but also a wide range of yummy flavors that make vaping more pleasurable.

Here is a look at the extensive array of flavors electronic cigarettes come in.


For those who swear by the tobacco flavor of the traditional smokes, electronic cigarettes replicate this flavor too. Furthermore, you can choose among several tobacco flavors, such as:

  • Light flavors
  • Full flavors
  • Mild flavors
  • Sweet flavors
  • Rich flavors
  • Unfiltered flavors

This flavor is perfect for those new to vaping and still need their daily dose of tobacco taste.


Fruit lovers will love the fruit flavored e-cigs. Tingle your taste buds flavored with delicious mango, berries, watermelon, peach, pineapple and cherry. The best part with the fruit flavors is that it leaves you with a great taste in the mouth unlike tobacco.


Are you looking for a fresher breath after vaping? In that case, think of choosing the menthol-flavored e-liquids. Pick one right from the crispy cool peppermint to the icy chill of wintergreen and let no one ever know that you have been enjoying your daily dose of nicotine.

Other Flavors

Other flavors that are a must-try for fresh vapers and loved by e-cig aficionados’ are:

  • Coffee,for example cappuccino or espresso that ensures you get your dose of caffeine and nicotine all in one go.
  • Beverage flavors such as those of soda or lemonade for the juice crazy.
  • Desserts such as candies, chocolates and cobblers for the calorie-conscious who must bite into the sweet whenever they see one.

Take your pick from among the heady variety of electronic cigarette flavors and add variety to the act of smoking itself.

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