4 Harsh Truths You Encounter when Divorcing

divorce hearing court

divorce hearing courtEven the unhappiest of marriages may still have elements that work well. And in most cases, it’s those things that make splitting up all the more difficult.

You divorce because what’s not working outweighs what is, and it’s becoming too much to bear. Many, however, still have can’t come to their decisions when they need too. Why? Because they’re not 100% sure of the decision—there’s still confusion and hesitation.

So, how exactly do you know if divorce is the right decision? Here are five truths you’ll need to understand first.

1. You don’t have to hate your soon-to-be ex

Many people get stuck here. You still care for the person you once loved, it’s just that things aren’t working out. Many couples who file for divorce still really care about their spouse. You think it’s a matter of waiting for anger and loathing to set in so you can walk away from the marriage with a clear conscience. But in most cases, it’s not about hate and negativity.

Amicable divorces don’t only have to be in paper, it’s also a reality. As law firm McCullough & Sparks puts it, property protection and division is still possible. You can still split properties accordingly, or based on previous agreements without having to hold a grudge against your spouse.

2. You’ll be tossing out the bad with the good

It’s like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There will be divorcees who are still friends with each other, but that’s a rare scenario. You will most likely sacrifice the good times just to get rid of the bad ones.

3. Your life won’t fall apart

It doesn’t have to. You’ll pretty much still be living your life, caring for them family, and going to work. There’s just that added task of ironing the divorce details. You don’t have to spend your days on the couch, wallowing in sorrow, and waiting for the dissolution of the marriage to end. Life will and should go on during the divorce proceedings.

4. Your life will change

Sounds simple enough, but you really won’t know the extent of the change until you’re divorced. Finances may get shaky, friends may disappear, and handling kids may become more difficult than usual. Instead of listing down the things you wish will not change, expect that nothing will stay the same. You’ll be happily surprised if some things will be as is.

In every divorce, there will be a loss. What you gain from it, however, will be worth the sacrifice.

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