Food and Lifestyle: Designing the Perfect Family Dining Room


In every home, the dining room should be the space that promotes good eating habits and healthy lifestyle choices. It should provide one’s family with a chance to bond, bringing in positive connections and energy. But besides that, a dining area helps clarify the separation of the functional spaces in the house.

The truth is that many families don’t bother paying too much attention to their dining rooms because, for one, eating together at one dining table is not a popular tradition nowadays. Fortunately, modern houses are switching their focus on building family-friendly dining areas. And depending on your family’s lifestyle, this can be something desirable or essential. But if you’re looking to promote better eating habits and in your family, these design tips can help you craft the perfect dining room.

1. Get the right dining table

The first on the list is the dining table. Choosing the right one can make all the difference since it’s the main focal point of the entire room. Besides your space, you’d also need to consider the dining style of your family. If you love having parties in the house and cooking for loved ones, a long communal table would be worth the money. On the other hand, if you’re a small family who wants to have casual meals, a shorter one would work. The shape of the table is also something to think of. For conversations and parties, oval and round tables are the best choices.

If you have younger kids, a wood table is a safer and more convenient option. This material might be the most expensive option, but they are easier to repair and, not to mention, more visually appealing too. If you’re opting for a relatively inexpensive table, a glass tabletop is the one for you. They are long-lasting, but they can crack or chip due to heat. Nonetheless, if you want to have the best dining experience, choose the table that’s near the one your favorite restaurant has.

2. Bring in some personality

If you want to have a good dining experience, you need to incorporate some personality into the room. Think about this; you surely wouldn’t have fun dining at a restaurant with lifeless decorations and dull ambiance, right? The same goes with your dining room at home. If your wall decor is one of your favorite design elements, be creative in dressing up those vertical spaces.

If you want something patriotic but still make an impressive statement, hanging a handcrafted wood American flag at the center wall can be eye-catching. The best part is, many sellers can personalize these statement pieces to suit your preference. Wood flags are perfect attention-drawing wall decors. Choose the wall art that suits your taste and style.

Other amazing decor ideas to add character into the dining room include mixing monochromatic shades, hanging an uplifting canvas, experimenting with abstract patterns, and materializing accent walls.

dining area

3. Be practical with the storage

Storage is a significant element to focus on if you want a clutter-free and low-maintenance dining area, especially if you have kids or pets in the house. Built-in cupboards are a classic choice when it comes to stylish dining spaces. They are perfect if you want to achieve an uncluttered look. If you have a small space, investing in bespoke joinery is worth the money. This floor-to-ceiling furniture uses every square inch it can get, helping you maximize the room.

If you have an open-plan layout, you can always use under stair space to place cupboards or drawers for your dinnerware and other dining essentials. If you’re willing to go off the track of practicality and gear towards more aesthetics, open shelves are best for displaying your precious dinnerware. You can also add some wallpaper borders for color scheme layering. For dining essentials you rarely use, a low-slung sideboard is an excellent buy.

4. Install a low-maintenance flooring

The floor should be the most practical element in your dining room. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, it should require less maintenance. Keep in mind that dining spaces are high-traffic areas and susceptible to stains and spills. In selecting your dining room flooring, consider ease of cleaning, durability, and design and style.

If you want something with a visually appealing finish yet still durable, engineered wood is a good purchase. If you have guests in the house more often, hardwood flooring is the right choice. Another great option is luxury vinyl, which comes with a wide variety of designs. They’re also scratch-proof, dent-proof, and waterproof, making them a popular flooring choice for restaurants too.

With hectic lifestyles, families find it difficult to serve and enjoy healthy meals together. If you’re a parent who prepares meals for your loved ones and plans to instill good eating habits into your kids, designing the ideal dining space is worth the try. Make mealtimes more enjoyable and healthier by creating the best dining room for your family with this guide.

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