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jewelleryThese days, the word bespoke seems to be in vogue. It connotes luxury and top-notch service. It also seems to be about getting your money’s worth. But in the world of jewellers this is hardly new. Time and time again they have created exquisite creations for people who are looking for that special, unique gift.

This is especially true for many top Melbourne jewellers whose craftsmanship and artistry are at par with the world’s best. In fact, they probably have handled every type of jewellery, stones and designs. Whether it is working on diamonds, ruby, or silver, Melbourne jewellers can craft a sophisticated ring, earring or necklace that will definitely make the receiver in awe.

For first timers, it is best to have an inspiration when having jewellery designed or made. For engagement rings, one can be inspired with the engagement ring of Princess Diana of Wales. With 14 diamonds and 12-carat Blue Ceylon Sapphire, this royal ring would definitely impress anyone. The ring was handed down to Kate Middleton, Princess Di’s daughter-in-law, through his engagement with Prince William.

Some take inspiration from the movies. Jewellers are very much familiar with the pearl necklace Audrey Hepburn wore in the film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The strand of pearls seemingly tied loosely together has become quite iconic especially when paired with a black dress. Along with Hepburn’s pearl necklace, another piece of jewellery that has recently become very iconic is Carrie Bradshaw’s engagement ring in the movie, Sex and the City. The black karat diamond surrounded by equally stunning little transparent diamonds is definitely a knock-out.

Elizabeth Taylor’s necklace during one of her Oscar appearances is also a very popular inspiration. Called the Taylor-Burton, it simply dazzles with the amount of diamonds strung together. It is the same with another diamond necklace, this one worn by Gwyneth Paltrow when she won her Oscar in 1998.

Ultimately, however, it is your own aesthetic that should be important. These aforementioned inspirations should be just that: inspiration. Of course the budget is definitely of great importance, but the good thing about many jewellers is that they can creatively work around a specific budget and still produce a piece of art.

After all, at the end of the day what’s really priceless are the reactions of the recipients as they open the box containing that exquisite piece of jewellery.

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