Clean Restrooms are Crucial to Your Business

clean modern public restroom

Public restrooms matter to a business. A survey from the Harris Interactive for SCA Tissue North America shows three in 10 customers don’t give businesses with dirty bathrooms a second chance.

Dirty restrooms will turn away more customers than you think because people will pass on a negative experience to other people. And with social media magnifying problems through posted images and videos, your business can’t afford to look bad with a dirty toilet.

So what do you do? You need to hire a professional to do the job because relying on employees to do it may not give you the results you need. With an outsourced crew, you get specialized services, like tile and grout cleaning, eco-friendly cleaning, and even graffiti cleanup.

Here’s a quick guide to choosing the right service:

Go Beyond the Mop

A commercial cleaning company may vary from your average janitorial service. Janitorial services may only provide you with personnel who will only do basic cleaning. They may only use a mop and a bucket with the usual disinfectants. The problem with these tools is that they tend to only spread the germs around. This is especially when the mop isn’t cleaned and sanitized well.

In contrast, a commercial cleaning company will have trained personnel using sufficient equipment. They will also follow a plan to ensure your restrooms are sparkling clean and safe for everyone to use.

Compare Several Services

You can’t get a sufficient look at cleaning companies when you’re considering just a few. You need to expand your search to ensure you’ll get the best for your business. But how do you compare one service from another? Compare apples to apples to get an accurate evaluation.

When you want a cleaning company using only natural solutions, compare services that do the same. When you want a service that only does restaurants, then look at cleaning companies focusing on that industry.

Check the Cleaning Company’s Credentials

team of cleanersOnce you have a list of cleaning companies that offer similar services, you can dig deeper. Check the company’s credentials.

How long has it been in business? What is its reputation in the industry? What kind of reviews has it been getting? And is it insured?

The last concern is particularly crucial because it can save you from liability when the service’s staff is injured on the job.

Meanwhile, longevity in the business means stability, reputation indicates a record of stellar service, and reviews validate that reputation.

Check the Accreditation

Businesses typically adhere to a set of industry standards. This ensures that companies operate accordingly and deliver services well. Accreditation doesn’t just apply to the business. It can also cover the training and education of its employees. This means you’re assured of the cleaning service’s efficiency, professionalism, and skills.

Finally, make that initial contact and see how the business responds. A good cleaning company will not only address your inquiries promptly. It will also send a representative to meet with and talk about its services. It will also assess your sanitation requirements and furnish you with a complete quote.

The restroom in your establishment does not only need to be accessible to all of your customers and designed according to standards. It also needs to be clean and safe to use regularly. In doing so, you ensure continued patronage from your customers and the health of your employees.

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