Carpet in the House: How to Make Sure it Doesn’t Smell


Installing carpet for your home is a cosy, luxury addition you can try. Hiring a carpet fitter in your area at Bath also makes the room look more expensive like you’re in a hotel. The thing about carpets, however, is that it can attract dirt since it’s made of different kinds of fibre and textiles. You don’t have to worry about it because cleaning carpets is much easier today with the availability of cleaning products, DIY cleaning formulas, and even for-hire-cleaners. Here’s how you can make your carpet always clean.

What Makes Carpets Dirty?

Your number one culprit maybe your best friend, your dog. Your carpet is bound to catch your pet’s dander, can be your pet’s object of affection — hence, the licking, and may also be the place where your beloved chooses to poop or pee. Don’t get rid of your pet indoors just yet. There are ways to clean it and keep it smelling fresh. You can buy cleaning products meant for carpets.

Bugs and germs can also inhabit your carpet. This may be because you’ve had it for years or your trip to the backyard got you some “hitchhiker” that went inside with you. These bugs may choose to breed there so their population will grow. Germs will also multiply when you don’t clean regularly. The best way is to vacuum at least once a week and take off your shoes or shake off your clothes whenever you come inside the house to prevent elements from transferring to the carpet.

Always dry spills to prevent mould as it can cause allergies. You can also use an enzyme cleaner to prevent it or combat it. When it comes to skin flakes which humans shed every day, you can vacuum it. There are other causes of dirt on the carpet like kitty litter and dirt, which you can also clean by using an enzyme cleaner and vacuuming.


Natural Products for Cleaning the Carpet

Buy carpet cleaning products when deodorizing your carpet. You can also hire professional help for drastic measures. On the other hand, you can use some natural products in case you don’t have time to go to supply stores and you already need to clean your carpet.

Baking soda is a good choice if you want to remove moisture from your carpet. You should also use it when your pet just peed or some other thing is causing a foul smell on your precious installation. Just sprinkle on top of the affected area and vacuum the next morning. Take note that you may need to do this a second time if the smell is intense. That said, you can make a baking soda deodorizer. Do this by adding a few ingredients like borax and some spices. This formula works best for the foul odour. Just be keep in mind that you can’t use this formula if you have a light-coloured carpet since the cinnamon and other spices will stain it.

Vinegar, which you might have, is like baking soda. It can deodorize your carpet. Vinegar may stink at first, but the odour will be gone when it dries up. Opt to use white vinegar to avoid discolouration of the fabric.

Lastly, you can also use vodka. This alcoholic drink not only removes the odour, but also eliminates bacteria. It’s a natural stain remover and great if you have problems with strong smells. Use it on the affected area by spraying a bit after you clean the spot stain. Wait for 10-15 minutes to be absorbed and pat with a paper towel to help dry up.

You don’t have to suffer because of a dirty and foul-smelling carpet. Keep your priced possession despite the elements lurking by. Most of all, choose the best carpet to install for your home. Contact the most reliable flooring company.

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