BIBS vs. Spray Foam Insulation: Which Is Better for Your Garage?


Spray foam or blown-in-blanket (BIBS) insulation comprise two of the common choices for insulating a residential a garage. Homeowners in Missouri can choose either of these two, but there are particular distinctions.

For instance, BIBS insulation in Kansas City can be more expensive than spray foam. Despite the higher cost, many still prefer blown-in padding because it uses eco-friendly materials such as recycled paper and wood. It’s also a good choice when you already have installed drywall around the garage, but choose spray foam insulation when you don’t want to install drywall.

The Key Differences

Blown-in insulation only takes a few hours to be completed without any need for reinstallation. An HVAC professional will have to create a hole in your walls, put the cellulose materials with specialized equipment, and seal it tightly. You have to ask about a contractor’s flat rate for BIBS insulation. Most companies charge a fixed price for their service even if your garage is smaller than the standard size.

On the other hand, a properly installed spray foam insulation covers every crevice and holes. It also provides up to 50% of average energy savings compared to 30% from other insulation types. The higher energy-efficiency stems from better control of air leaks, which contribute to a higher utility bill. Spray foam insulation can be 25 times more resilient against air permeation, aside from being moisture-resistant as well.

Cost of Installation

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An average spray foam installation in a 1,282-square-foot space costs around $1,464 in Kansas City. The actual price will vary based on your choice between open- and closed-cell spray. The cost of labor takes up a huge chunk of expenses. You should expect to pay $940 for almost 15 hours of installation work. Based on the average price, you might need to spend $2.09 per square foot inclusive of the materials and supplies.

The hourly rate for professional blown-in insulation can cost between $40 and $70, while cellulose materials cost around $30 per 19 pounds that can be used for 40 square feet. Homeowners could spend between $600 and $1,200 for the materials alone. Take note that it will be difficult for you to install spray foam or BIBS insulation by yourself.

Other Considerations

While DIY installation is possible, take note that it will be difficult for you to install spray foam or BIBS insulation by yourself. You should leave this task for a professional to avoid poorly installed work that would affect your garage’s power consumption.

The HVAC industry determines insulation efficiency through its resistance against heat loss or transfer, which is more commonly known as the R-value. A higher rating indicates better energy-efficiency. As an example, blow-in cellulose usually has a baseline R-value between 3.2 per inch and 3.8 per inch.

Homeowners with a limited budget might be better off with installing spray foam. If you’re concerned about the use of chemicals, ask the contractor if there’s another sustainable option that’s not as expensive as BIBS insulation. Don’t forget to hire a licensed and insured professional for better results.

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