Before Hiring a Plumber, Check if They Have a Permit

Plumber at WorkWhen you need a minor plumbing work done, you call a plumber who gets the job done. What most people do not know is that, regardless of how big the project is, a plumbing company will need to secure a permit before they can start work. Of course, not all jobs require a permit. The trick is knowing which ones will require a permit.

The Need for A Permit

A permit typically ensures the homeowners that the project, as well as the people working on it, are adhering to certain building codes and standards. For example, a permit for a plumbing company in Salt Lake City like All Hours Plumbing and HVAC means they have followed the required zoning requirements, building codes, electrical codes, environmental standards, and mechanical codes, among many things. Since they adhere to these codes and standards, you are assured of the quality of the work.

Some of the most common projects that have a high probability of needing a permit will include changing of water supply pipes, replacement of drain line and sewer, and replacement of water heater. If you need to move existing plumbing to a different location, you might also need to get a permit.

Getting A Permit

Each state has their set of requirements for obtaining a permit. However, a plumbing company in Salt Lake City, or in any city for that matter, would have to fill out a request form, most of which is typically downloadable online.

Now, you have to keep in mind that getting a permit is very rarely cost-free. Costs could include inspection costs. In most cases, the amount is dependent on how big the project is regarding square footage. If the permit is not filed before start of the project, the amount could be doubled. This is aside from the possibility of the work being torn down and having the contractor star from scratch. The only time you can confidently do a project without needing a permit is when you are installing lighting fixtures, faucet, or sink.

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