Ways to Increase Bathroom Safety for the Elderly

elderly couple

One in three US seniors over 65 years of age fall each year, and 80% of these falls happen in the bathroom. According to CDC, emergency care for fall-related injuries, fractures or trauma happens to 1.6 million elders every year.

 When an elderly falls or break a hip, they can lose their independence and even have a 25% chance of death within six months to a year. Hence, bathroom safety for the elderly is paramount at all times. 


Elderly or seniors’ bathtubs, grab bars and other tools can help create a safe environment for the seniors. Here are other ways to prevent bathroom falls.

Ensure a safe bathroom flooring

Make sure that the flooring has non-slip mats, coatings or non-slip decals to reduce slipping. Remove rugs, bath towels or carpets to avoid tripping over. 

Install grab bars

Grab bars are important in the shower, and in the toilet area. Grab bars provide help to the elderly by serving as a tool to grip on so they can move in and out of the tub, or getting in or off the toilet, Moreover, in a case of a fall,  grab bars can be a useful anchorage.

Bathing accessibility

Make sure that the elderly bathtubs are safe and accessible. It is better to make a walk-in shower or tub, with all toiletries within reach, to reduce the obstacles that may induce falling.

Improve visibility

Install an ample amount of lighting that is non-glaring to the eyes, especially to the elderly. Also, make sure to install night-lights to help guide the elderly see the walkway from the bedroom to the bathroom, especially during frequent urination at night. 


With all the safety hazards in your home, it is still best to look after our older loved ones. Having someone to look after the elderly can greatly reduce the risk of falling.

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