Bathroom Personalities: What Your Bathroom Type Says About You

modern bathroom with gray tiles

An individual’s personality tends to extend to the things they buy like clothes, bags, artwork, etc. This can also influence the designs they want in their houses like the living room or the bathroom. Do you wonder what your bathroom design tells your guests when they visit? Here are some personalities that shine through their bathrooms.

Three Different Personas

A highly-organized or someone others like to call a “control freak” will likely choose a minimalist bathroom. This type of bathroom features the most basic design from the color which is mostly black and white or just with a little splash of complementary color. An organized person likes to keep things simple and neat so be ready to find a spotless bathroom where everything from the towels to the soaps is arranged properly.

People who like to look their best will choose a bathroom that has more than one mirror. Some like to add a magnifying mirror to make sure their skin is extra smooth. They will frown if they see a zit, which is easy to spot when you’re using this mirror.

The bathroom need not be a boring area in the home. This is proven by people who have a lot of personalities. They like to install feature walls or arts even inside their bathrooms. Plain and boring is not for them. These people may choose loud colors and other stuff that can prettify their bathrooms.

How Do You Recognize a Personality Through a Bathroom?

modern bathroom with candles

Do you love candles and aromatherapy? If you do, then you’re someone who’s laid back and likes to relax a lot. Choosing a serene-looking bathroom wall panel for your NZ home will make the bathroom a retreat you’re dreaming of. You’re someone who will favor long baths, some music, candles, low lighting, and even bath bombs.

A shopaholic will rummage through sales and come home with different sets of body scrubs, toners, moisturizers, and other beautification formulas. These will all be in their bathroom or even in the bedroom. Guests will see that they’re visiting the home of a true shopaholic.

Finding reading materials either says a person loves reading or someone who needs a lot of time sitting on the toilet. This is can be embarrassing if it’s the latter, but they’ll never know unless the host needs a trip to the bathroom when the visitors are there. Either way, some reading materials in the bathroom can provide entertainment to guests.

Personalities Come Out with Bathroom Design Choices

Someone who likes DIY will hang or put some finished projects in the bathroom. These can be tissue holders, wall clock, DIY mirrors, and many more. It’s nice to visit a bathroom like this because you’ll see a lot of craftsmanship going.

Lastly, old souls are inclined to put vintage touches to their bathrooms. The sky is the limit when buying old, vintage stuff for their home. There are antique doorknobs, mirrors, drawers, and even bathtubs. They will prioritize adding vintage bathroom items to provide an ‘old feel’ to that area.

It’s amazing how a lot can be said about a person’s bathroom. The most important thing is to keep it clean all the time no matter what design it features. How about you, what kind of bathroom personality do you have?

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