Washing Your Face: The Right Way to Do it

woman washing her face with water

Some routines are supposed to be simple. This is especially true when it comes to taking one’s self. Taking a bath, getting dressed, and even cooking your breakfast are pretty straightforward activities, and there is possibly no sign that you are doing it wrong.

But it is worth examining your daily activities, as there can be a chance that you have been doing everything the wrong way. This is especially true when it comes to washing your face. For many, this is just a simple activity, but keep in mind that it requires your full attention.

Otherwise, you run the risk of having acne breakouts and conditions that may compromise the health and quality of your skin. The message is clear: do not take face washing for granted. This is the same thing that many dermatologists here in Provo are telling you.

Washing your face should be a series of steps that are executed nicely and consistently. You may think that it will take time, but you will need to get used to it, especially if you want to achieve healthy and clear skin. If you are looking for more ways you can improve your skincare, here are some tips to keep in mind:

Remove what needs to be removed

When you are wearing make-up, it is not advisable that you go directly to the sink to wash your skin. That will only cause smudges, which may make it difficult for you to remove the marks. What you need to do is remove the makeup first with a makeup remover.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to makeup remover. You can use oil-based make-up remover when dealing with strong marks. But if you want to go for non-irritating makeup remover, the use of micellar water is recommended.

woman using facial wash

Do not just use a generic facial wash

Your choice of facial wash determines the skin health that you will have. You may be resorting to generic facial wash or worse, a bar soap. This should not be the case; you are supposed to check the ingredients of the facial wash and see if the product actually suits your skin.

This is where you may also ask the advice of your dermatologist. If you have sensitive skin, go for facial washes that do not have parabens and harsh ingredients; these ingredients can strip your face of natural oil.

Use your toner

After washing your skin, it will still need to have an extra layer of care. This is where you will need to use a toner. Toner takes care of balancing your skin’s pH. It helps protect your skin from bacteria. With that, it can help in preventing acne breakouts and reducing fine lines.

Washing your face should not be taken lightly. You need to make sure that each step of the activity can actually contribute to your goal – to have healthy and clear skin. If you are feeling confused, you can always seek the help and advice of a reliable dermatologist.

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