The Basics of Converting Your Loft

converting loft

converting loftEveryone needs space. Sometimes, the best solution is to make some. That’s why many people in Surrey, Sussex, and South London, among others, are leaning towards loft conversions to get more out of their residences.

But, one can’t just jump in without considering a number of factors prior to loft conversion. According to Taylor’d Loft Conversions Ltd, here are some aspects to consider if you are planning to convert your loft:

  • Conversion Assessment. Measure the head height, pitch, type of structure, obstacles, structure, physical dimensions, and other such things.
  • Head Height. Make sure to talk to an illustrator first, just so you could gauge what your expanded loft would look like and more importantly, if you’d still have enough room to stand up after the renovations occur.
  • Building Regulations. Before touching anything, you need to make sure that whatever you plan to do with your loft is in compliance with the rules and regulations of the building or street.
  • Housing Strength. Simply put – can your home truly support the weight of another extension?
  • Roof Structure. You also need to confirm if there are support beams under your roof; you’ll need to remove them – or at least, leave them somewhere else – just to maintain some semblance of order.
  • Windows – Naturally, since it is going to be really sad and lifeless in your brand new, refurnished loft up there without them.
  • Stairs. You need stairs, of course – otherwise, how would you be able to climb up and play inside? You can either come up with your own concept or have one of the designers help you in planning and illustrating the idea.

Check all these basics before taking the next step. Good luck on your new loft conversion!

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