Australian Animal-Label Silver Coins for Your Collection

2015 Australian Kookaburra

2015 Australian KookaburraMany people nowadays collect precious metals like gold and silver in the form of coins, bars, and bullions. They see it as a good form of investment, while encouraging their interests to start a collection. All they need is to decide which one to buy. If you’re after silver coins, you might want to check out the animal-label Australian silver coins recommended by and Perth Mint:

 2015 Australian Lunar Goat

This is the eighth instalment of the Australian Lunar series, featuring the rich tradition of Perth Mint for coins that portray the animals of the Chinese lunar calendar. A 1/2 oz silver coin has a purity grade of 99.9%, metal content of 0.50 troy oz, minimum gross weight of 15.5517g, maximum diameter of 100.6mm and maximum thickness of 14.6mm.

 2015 Australian Kookaburra

The laughing kookaburra silver coin series, depicting the largest of the Australian kingfisher species, celebrates its 25th year by portraying its original design issued in 1990. The design features an adult kookaburra, sitting on a tree stump with eucalyptus leaves and a fern. The reverse design of this silver coin is what many collectors find appealing because it changes every year. It’s available in three different sizes – one kilogram, two ounces, and 10 ounces.

 2015 Australian Koala

This silver coin portrays an adult koala, which is one of the most famous animals in Australia, sitting on a tree with an Australian bush landscape background. A 1/2 oz silver coin has a minimum gross weight of 15.5517g and a metal content of 0.50 troy oz. This has an unlimited mintage for 12 months, but production will last only at the end of the year it’s dated (2015).

These are only some of the animal-labelled silver coins you can find from suppliers. These differ in size, so make sure you’re buying identical pieces to keep your collection organised.

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