7 Easy Steps to Fix Leaking Showers


There is nothing more annoying than leaking showers. Every homeowner knows it is essential to repair it quickly or expect higher water bills. Apart from that, leaks can cause accidents that may lead to serious injuries. It can cause damage to your home, as well.

showerFixing a leaking shower is a problem Perth residents commonly face. So inspect your bathroom and look for signs such as swollen skirting boards, damp patches or mildew on the walls or on the ceiling. The good news is there are now alternative ways to fix this. You can remove old silicone and replace it with a new waterproof sealant. Here’s a step-by-step process on how to fix a leaking shower:

STEP 1: Identify the source of the leak

Before you go to the hardware or bring out your tools, identify the source of the leak first. Usually, the problem is on the shower knob. If there are broken pipes, it would be better to hire a professional plumber.

STEP 2: Check the faucet handle

As the common problem for leaking showers is the knob, make sure it is turned as far as it can go. Seal it with a piece of cloth to apply more pressure and to prevent the leak temporarily. If the water is still leaking, the handle may be the problem.

STEP 3: Turn off the main valves

Switch off the main valves located in the bathroom or basement. This will allow you to easily repair or replace the fixture.

STEP 4: Remove the handle

First, pry off the handle cap located at the outer tip of the handle using a pocketknife. This will expose the internal handle screw. Unscrew each and remove the handle.

STEP 5: Remove the cartridge

The cartridge is the large ring adjacent to the wall. This will be exposed once you remove the faucet.

STEP 6: Replace the rubber casket

You can find these inside the faucet. Make sure the new caskets fit properly and do not move when installed.

STEP 7: Re-attach the shower faucet

Proper alignment of the shower faucet is critical to make sure the water does not leak again.

Now, it’s time to run a few tests. Check if your quick repair job did the trick. Again, unless you’re an avid handy person, it is always better to hire a professional. Leave the job to the experts as well, once you determine the problem is beyond your control.

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