5 Ways to Prepare Before the Carpet Cleaners Come Over

A carpet being cleaned

So, a storm just passed by your town a couple of days ago, and rainfall was heavy. The winds didn’t cause much damage, but you didn’t realize that your ceiling now needs repairs as water came through the roof, soaking up your carpet. Now, you have to look for someone who can do carpet cleaning in Utah.

AAA Restoration notes that if it’s your first time to have your carpets cleaned, you have to know that there’s more to it than just picking up the phone and asking them to come over. Here are some preparations you’ll have to do before the cleaners arrive.

1. Clear your driveway

Professional cleaners will need the widest and easiest access to your home. They may bring in a lot of equipment to help them to do the job. You’ll want to make sure nothing is in their way.

2. Move your furniture

Make sure you move any furniture that’s in the area you need cleaning. That would include sofas, chairs, tables, and any other big or small furniture that may get in the way of cleaning your carpet.

Some cleaners won’t move large furniture because they might cause some damage. So make sure that you find a way to move them yourself if they are in the area they are going to clean.

3. Keep pets in their cages

If you have any pets, make sure that they’re in their cages, or away from the cleaning area. Pets roaming around the house may get in the way of the cleaners, which can cause delays or sometimes, damage to your carpet.

4. Remove or raise any draperies that reach the floor

This will help the cleaners have more space to move around for more efficient cleaning. It also avoids getting curtains stained or damaged.

Once the cleaners arrive, make sure you talk about what they’re going to do, and what you’ll need to do after. Your carpet will be looking brand new before you know it.

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