Unleashing the Cowboy in the Man Cave

man playing a gameA man cave is a room set aside by the man of the house specifically for his interests. Most man caves are a shed, a basement, a study, an office, or a game room.

You’d be surprised how even the ordinary straw cowboy hat can have a startling effect on your man room. It doesn’t hurt to start with bold baby steps.

Okay, so what’s with these cowboy hats by the way? Cowboys, globally and not only on the western part of the world, signifies masculinity! Even when you’re not fond of cowboy films and outfits, which involve boots, straw hats, and such things, the image of these laso- and whip-lashing men spells and proclaims machismo at its best.

Accessorize in style.

Whether it’s just a game room for you and your family and friends or a private library or office, you can decorate your own man space for you to relax and enjoy yourself. There’s always room for styling. You don’t have to take short courses on interior design to be able to impress and surprise your family and friends with your suave and vogue. Just focus on your interests and show them what a real man cave is!


Use shelves to decorate your collections or memorabilia. Surround yourself with your interests and those that you treasure. This is your room where you can display, organize, and keep your things safe whether they’re a collection of G.I. Joe action figures, matchboxes, album covers, or DVDs. Your man room is the perfect area to display your life’s anthologies.

Decorate walls.

Are you fond of fishing? Baseball? Hunting? Whatever interests you have, there is the vast selection of wall decoration ideas. You can even ask your kids or wife or bros to help you with it.

Put up a bar.

We can’t imagine a man cave without it. It doesn’t have to be grand. A small one will suffice as long as there’s one.

Go on, indulge yourself with decorating your sacred space. Even different kinds of straw cowboy hats hanging on your wall won’t hurt your ego if you’re a Star Wars fan. Who knows? Your male friends might appreciate a western-type of a man cave even more.

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