3 Zones Your Outdoor Space Should Have

outdoor spaceAlthough a huge outdoor space is a big plus, it’s an overwhelming task to fill it up and design it. In fact, a lot of people don’t even know where or how to start.

The key to making this project more bearable is by starting with zones, breaking up the yard into sections. For this, you’d need to know the purpose the outdoor space is supposed to serve. Here are common zones in yards, which accommodate different functions and homeowners’ lifestyles:

Living and Dining Areas for Socials

Most spaces have patios or decks that feature sociable seating around fire pits or outdoor bars to accommodate social gatherings and family bonding activities. If this is the purpose of your outdoor area, your priority is comfort.

Invest in furniture that has high-quality cushions to make the space more inviting. Don’t forget to put covering or shades as well to protect people from sun exposure and other harsh weather elements. Consider insulated roofing for your Brisbane home, as this has an added benefit of lowering your heating and cooling costs.

Recreation Area for Play

Typically, this is the lawn space. This is where your kids and pets can run around and play in sandpits and swings. The ideal spot for your green space is a level area that won’t get a lot of runoff. For the kind of grass, consult your local garden centre for native species in your region.

A recreation space can also be your swimming pool area. If you’re having such, make sure to install fences and self-latching gates to keep off unsupervised kids. It’s also best to have a pool cover.

Garden Area for Relaxation

A garden isn’t just a pretty sight that soothes moods. The act of gardening also boosts positive feelings, as research says. So, if the purpose of your outdoor space is letting you relax after a long day at work, you definitely should have a garden in your yard. Some homeowners like to ‘tuck’ garden corners in, concealing them so they can have the privacy they need when relaxing.

A big outdoor space is indeed a big design project. Tackle it by starting with these zones, and the rest will just be details.

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