5 Gift Ideas You Can Make Out of Wood

a wooden board

If you’re a DIY-er who loves giving gifts and has a penchant for anything unique and handmade, here are five gift ideas you can create out of using live edge boards. Who says gifts have to be boring?

Gift Idea #1: A Low Stand

The perfect gift for a housewarming party. A low-profile stand made out of a plank that is cut out from a live edge board and with wheels attached at the bottom of it makes it all-around furniture.

It’s one of the best types of furniture pieces to have at home because of the material it’s made with and the functionality it offers. It can be used as a TV stand, a place to hold reading materials and few knickknacks, and even used as a plant bench which makes it easier to take the indoor plants out of the house for a little bit of sun time once every few weeks.

Gift Idea #2: A Small Stool

This one is a small piece but has a lot of character to it. A small portion of a live slab assembled with hairpin legs works best with industrial, modern, and chic home décor. The ones with chunky, boxy steel legs go well with luxe and formal looks.

And ones with wooden legs blend seamlessly with rustic, traditional, and coastal interior stylings. This small live edge stool is the perfect example that not all accent pieces need to be big or huge.

Gift Idea #3: An Object Holder

Just like the gadget holder you know, except this one is a DIY, handmade project that’s built with multi-functionality in mind. It can be used to hold a tablet, a phone, and even a book.

It’s a nifty tool to keep a gadget or a book in an upright position so you can go completely hands free while reading on it or browsing recipes while you’re cooking up something wonderful in the kitchen.

Gift Idea #4: A Set of Cutting Boards

wooden texture

Ideally, there should be a dedicated cutting board for meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and even cheeses. Take a full plank off a board and cut it into five smaller sizes to make one board for each of the food items mentioned above.

Wood boards are also kinder to knives, keeping them sharper longer. Wood boards also last longer and don’t scar as easily as other materials do.

Gift Idea #5: A Serving Board

Who doesn’t need an all-around serving board? This makes a thoughtful, sophisticated gift that says “welcome to adulthood” as no other kitchen tool does.

Using a wooden serving board is a fantastic way to serve up favorite homemade sandwiches and snacks to make it extra special. Charcuterie nights? Wine and Cheese nights? A wooden serving board is definitely made for these things.

So, if you’re a DIY-er who loves giving gifts and have a slab of live edge wood sitting in the work shed, put it to good use and include these easy to make items in your weekend live edge project. Handmade gifts are always the best things to give, and you can never go wrong with wooden items.

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