Weight Loss and Oral Health

Oral Care

Weight loss has numerous advantages which extend beyond aesthetics. Being overweight can cause heart disease, heart attack, joint pain and even diabetes. Furthermore, being overweight can also contribute to dental problems, especially gum disease. A lot of people do not associate their weight with their oral health, but the truth is that a healthy smile entails a healthy weight.

But how does weight increases the risk of gum disease? Gum disease is a serious condition of the gums, whose common symptoms include redness, inflammation and sensitivity. The inflammation is the result of a specific type of proteins produced by the human body – cytokines. People with extra weight tend to produce more cytokines, which then contribute to gum disease. Consulting with a dentist in Erskineville, such as Healthy Smile Centre, can help reduce the risk for gum disease or even prevent it.

The significance of visiting the dentist in Erskineville

Regular dental visits can do more than maintenance – they can also tell dentists a lot about a patient’s overall health, including potential risk for gum disease. A dentist in Erskineville will remove plaque build-up and hardened tartar, preventing them from causing both decay and gum disease. An experienced dentist can also spot the earliest warning signs of a problem and provide guidance and a complete treatment plan before it becomes worse.

Brushing and flossing

Gum disease is treatable, but the best thing one can do to lower the risk, is to brush and floss their teeth regularly. Many people do not bother flossing and this is a mistake since brushing alone cannot get below the gums or other areas of the teeth. Flossing helps remove more plaque, therefore contributing to less build-up.

Diet and exercise

Finally, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise as well as regulating body weight, is the best way to avoid dental problems among others. At the same time, a healthy diet consisting of plenty of fruit, nuts, whole grains, vegetables and lean sources of protein (i.e. chicken, fish), can reduce the chances of tooth decay and gum disease. On the other hand, if a diet lacks specific nutrients, it may be more difficult for tissues in the mouth to resist infection and inflammation.

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