3 Surprising Ways You are Likely to Ruin Your Teeth

Sweets that are harmful to your teethMany people often cause grave damage to their teeth when they engage in seemingly harmless habits only to live to regret them. The article highlights some of the surprising habits that are harmful to your teeth.

Keeping teeth clean and white often proves a challenge for many people, which put them at risk for dental complication. While sometimes genetics can deal you a bad hand, you can rein in many of the dental issues with proper oral hygiene.

Espousing bad habits including irregular brushing, improper brushing techniques and skipping dental visits are the leading causes of horrible teeth. Visiting a credible family dentistry provider in Avon like Gentle Dentist enables you to safeguard the dental health. Such an expert helps you keep your teeth in excellent condition and cautions you against destructive habits that could ruin them.

Ignoring that heartburn

Heartburns result from an acid reflux and more than just making you uncomfortable; it poses a danger to your teeth. The human digestive juices are highly corrosive on the enamel layer of the teeth. In most cases, an acid reflux wears out your molars in a similar manner as the acidic content in sodas or energy drinks. Rather than ignore the discomfort that results, have your physician prescribe some medication to rein in the heartburn.

Indulging your sugar craving all day

Sugary foods and drinks increase and feed the harmful bacteria in the mouth. As a result, sipping on sodas or snacking on pretzels or any other sweet bites all day only serves to destroy your teeth. Additionally, such level of snacking destabilizes the pH levels in the mouth, making it difficult for your body to fight the microbes. While brushing your teeth soon after indulging your craving is the best approach, you can at least swirl some fresh water to lower the sugar content.

Using your teeth as tools

You may have a friend who could not be bothered to look for a bottle opener, readily ripping caps off bottles with their teeth. Such behavior could result in chipping or breaking of teeth and destruction of your jaws as well.

Some seeming innocent actions pose a significant risk to your teeth and could lead to severe problems. By avoiding these destructive habits, you can keep your teeth in excellent condition.

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