3 Reasons to Have a House Inspected Before Your Buy

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Are you looking for somewhere near the coast in Queensland? Visited properties between Brisbane and Cairns and settled for a new home in Townsville or a similar seaside town? Now you’ve made your choice you’ll want to sort out the paperwork, mortgage and start to make the new house your home as quickly as possible. That’s understandable, but don’t let the rush of excitement cause you to cut corners. Before you invest in any property, it pays to have a professional inspect the building. The building inspector checks it complies with government building standards and helps you avoid costly repairs and maintenance after you’ve signed the contract.

Here are few reasons to have an experienced inspector examine your home prior to making the purchase.

An inspection helps catch issues in time

Never judge a house by its appearance, even if it is new. Sometimes, there are serious underlying issues that could come back to haunt you. These problems may not be apparent to you, but a professional inspector will spot them and alert you in good time; shoddy work, particularly if structural, may mean you need to look for another place.

An inspection saves you a lot of money

While the cost of hiring a building inspector varies depending on the size and age of the house in question, it usually costs a few hundred dollars. Put into the perspective of you having to fork out for major plumbing or electrical work, the savings can be huge.

An inspection gives you more negotiating power

If an inspection reveals problems with the house, then you have more grounds to negotiate a lower price. A smart solicitor can draft a clause to deal with any problems identified in a report from a certified building inspector. For example, your contract could allow you to pull out of an agreement in case your inspector finds major faults with the building. Alternatively, you can demand that the seller makes any repairs necessary before you pay. If you still want the place but the seller cannot afford the repairs, you have a stronger bargaining hand for a big cost reduction.

A house inspection is a necessity unless you want to risk running into problems. It provides facts that help you know make the right decision for your purchase.

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