3 Places Everyone Needs to Experience at Least Once in a Lifetime


During the pandemic, people missed going to different places. This includes places they have been before, places they imagine themselves visiting, and even locations they haven’t thought of going to when they had the chance but did not come. What places do you yearn to visit while you shelter in place?

Everyone has their own preferred go-to places. Depending on their mood, they could be yearning to be somewhere quiet and relaxing, like the beach. Other times, people crave loud, fun entertainment like big cities and clubhouses.

No matter your requirements, there are a few specific places you ought to experience visiting at least once in a lifetime. These places can help you relax, unwind, let go, and even be yourself with little-to-no judgment. Here are a few places you can add to your travel bucket list.

Golf Course

Can you imagine yourself playing in a golf course and a caddy driving around the course with your golf bag filled with golf clubs in tow? Many people haven’t experienced playing golf, let alone see themselves setting foot in golf courses. Why limit your experience when you can experience playing and enjoying golf at least once?

You may be wondering if you can make driving a golf cart street legal. You may even be wondering if you can even afford to step foot inside the golf course. With a bit of research, you will learn soon enough that sometimes, the very thing that stops you from experiencing new places is your reluctance to learn about the truth.

Many people believe that golf is only for the rich. This can be somewhat true since golf is considered to be the most expensive sport to play. Golf sets alone are nowhere cheap, let alone the attire, lessons, and golf course membership.

But then, there are many reasons why everyone needs to experience being on a golf course to play golf. For one, this enables you to exercise in nature, which all have great health benefits. You get to meet new people, gain friends, challenge yourself, and build new skills you will find hard to learn in another setting.

You don’t even need to be rich just to play golf and start driving a golf cart. There are cheap ways to play golf. Remember that if you have a strong will, you can find ways to make things happen.


Libraries are a haven for book lovers. When was the last time you actually opened a good book to read, let alone in a library? There’s this distinct joy one can get from being surrounded by a library filled with books.

You may not love to read in general. But the great thing about libraries is that this is one of the cheapest ways to travel, explore, and learn new things. There will always be books that can fit everyone’s taste.

woman in the library

You might be wondering why you need to visit an extensive library at least once in your lifetime. After all, the internet is also free, fast, and available to your expense. But then, there are things you may not have known that you can enjoy in libraries, like the following.

  • Join personal development classes
  • Buy books at super low prices
  • Borrow CDs and movies on top of books and other reading materials
  • Enjoy a storytime with other people
  • Experience a quiet place perfect for some downtime

Some people love the smell of libraries or old books without knowing why. One fun fact is that the smell is actually the odor of books decomposing over time. Even if you can’t describe or name the smell accurately, you get to associate the smell with something familiar, making you crave being surrounded by books.


Many people pass by their local playgrounds without thinking about spending their time there. Playgrounds can be filled with old memories of bonding with your family, neighbors, and random kids. If it has been ages since you visited a playground, consider this to be your next stop.

Playgrounds are not simply for kids. These are the usual go-to places for parents wanting to burn the extra energies of their children. But for adults, this can be a great reminder that your life doesn’t need to revolve around work alone.

We often forget how to be happy, innocent, and fun like kids. We take in stress like vitamins without actually giving ourselves a break. Remember that play should not end in childhood, as even adults like us deserve to be happy, healthy, and fun-loving even for a short period.

Final Thoughts

Your go-to bucket list may not involve these places. These may not be your ideal destination on your days off. But if you look at these specific places from another perspective, you will find that even the places you did not expect to be beneficial to you can be exactly what you need during these challenging times.


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