Window Films: Keeping the Burglar Out

Glass Panels

Glass Panels Glass, as you surely know, is fragile. You can chip it, crack it and shatter it easily. Because of its fragility, glass windows or panels make for easy points of illegal entry into your home, shop or other commercial property. Burglars need only a hammer to break windows and panels open.

A Good Choice

One way of protecting windows is to install bars or grills on either side of the glass. This way, even if the glass breaks, burglars will still have the metal grills to struggle with. Bars and grills have their disadvantages, however. The top disadvantages would be the change in appearance and appeal of your home, shop, or commercial property, and the high cost of installation.

The Better Option

You can protect your glass windows and panels with window films instead, suggests The films won’t affect the look of your property. You will save many funds as well. There are many films you can choose from such as tinting films, but for glass protection, you need security films.

A Film of Protection

A security film for glass can offer maximum protection of your property. The film is installed inside the glass and bonded to the glass frame using structural silicone and mechanical anchoring.

Keeping Glass Intact

When a burglar attempts to break in, the film keeps the glass from shattering and opening a point of entry. The glass will be cracked and broken, but it will remain in place, keeping the burglar out. The anchoring of the film also keeps burglars from pushing through the glass.

Beyond Security

More than just security, security films and window films, in general, offer other benefits you can enjoy. Window films reduce heat passing through windows. In turn, air conditioning costs are lower. Window films also protect you from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. Finally, you can also install a window film, which gives you privacy through tinting or other methods.

You can enjoy all these glass benefits from window films. Property-owners in Western Australia can get their window film needs from window film companies.

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