Red, Itchy Bumps on Skin after Sun Exposure? You May Have PLE

Girl That is Embracing the SunlightNot a lot of people are aware that direct sunlight exposes them to a certain skin condition known as Polymorphous Light Eruption (PLE). Many of them look at it as usual allergies when it could be worse.

Here are a few things you need to know about this condition:

What PLE is

PLE is a type of skin rash that develops in response to direct sunlight exposure. It frequently occurs during prolonged exposure to the sun (spring or early summer). As it is recurrent, those who develop the rash without taking the necessary precautions may expect to go through it every year.

Your odds of experiencing it

How often you expose yourself to direct sunlight magnifies your risks. The longer you stay in the sun, the higher chances you have of experiencing this skin condition. It may take as little as 10 to 20 minutes for your skin to react, resulting in the rash.

Non-life-threatening, but still a problem

The symptoms vary, but the most common are the reddening of the skin and the development of bumps and small blisters. For some, the rash comes with an itchy or a burning sensation. Severity also depends from person to person. Some may only suffer from mild cases, but others may experience severe symptoms.

Actions you should take

Your body needs sunlight. It plays an essential role in the body’s production of Vitamin D for regulating the body’s generation and use of calcium and other minerals. Nonetheless, you need to practise caution when staying out in the sun. Using protective clothing and sunblock products, as well as avoiding the sun during its peak, may lower your odds of developing PLE.

PLE and staying indoors

You can still develop PLE while indoors, though. For instance, sitting right beside a window that allows sunlight to pass through may also put you at risk. This goes for both open (or slatted) windows, as The Blinds Gallery notes.

To make your home safer, and ensure your protection from this skin condition, invest in quality window treatments. Installing window shutters in your Perth home may help lower the possibilities of PLE triggers.

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