Why Is NZ Lagging Behind in Terms of Construction Innovation?

Workers planning at a construction site New Zealand has a huge demand for construction projects, although potential problems will exist if the industry does not find innovative solutions.

The New Zealand Institute of Building (NZIOB) hosted the Constructing Our World conference to address this concern, among other pressing construction-related issues. The event particularly focused on how construction companies could reduce expenses, from equipment and construction signs to developing technologies, for a modernised approach on building projects.

Left Behind

On a global scale, the construction industry has increasingly focused on technology and innovation, and New Zealand has apparently lagged behind other developed countries, according to innovation scientist George Quezada.

NZIOB CEO Malcolm Fleming said that innovation within the building sector would be important to avoid the risk of strangling off the demand for projects across the country. Aside from costs, the industry will need to find ways on how to do business in a sustainable way to protect and preserve environmental resources, he said.

Companies should also see the need for innovation as an opportunity to make a name for themselves in the industry, amid labour shortages.

Fewer Workers

The country’s construction companies ironically struggled to fill vacancies in 2016, with nearly 80% of businesses having job openings, according to a government study.

The Business Operations Survey showed that 58% of those companies faced difficulty in filling certain positions. Enterprises found it hard to find candidates with trade-related, management or supervisory, professional and technical skills. These vacancies comprised new jobs and those that remained open after workers left their positions in the companies.

Innovative construction tools and equipment are necessary due to constantly evolving technologies, which aim to improve the efficiency of certain processes. By pursuing development, companies will not only protect their bottom lines, but also do their part in stepping up to challenges brought by a larger demand.

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