Make Your Elderly Feel Comfortable at Home in 3 Ways

Nurse and elderly on a wheelchairWhen an individual reaches the age of 60, their mobility starts to become limited. The things they used to do have become challenging, requiring much effort from weak limbs. NCBI has highlighted the fact that older people are frail. There are even times when the elderly would require a wheelchair to help them move around.

When the time comes that an elderly loved one could no longer support themselves, consider providing them with mobility equipment. Here are some examples:

Stair Lifts

When an elderly’s room is on the second floor of your home, and stairs have become like a mountain for them, then a stair lift is the way to go. Stair lifts give the elderly the most convenient and comfortable means to climb the stairs, without too much effort. All they need to do is to sit on the customized chair of the stair lift, push some buttons, and the lift will take them upstairs without a problem. The same goes when they want to go down. In fact, these lifts aren’t only made for the elderly, as anybody who has difficulty going up and down the stairs can use it.

Wheelchair Ramps

An elderly who uses a wheelchair would require a ramp to move their wheelchair across a short flight of stairs, leading to the yard or a similar distance. With this ramp, elderly (or anyone with a wheelchair for that matter) can move freely about without having to bother anybody else. Installing modular wheelchair ramps for your Denver, Colorado home can help the elderly in terms of comfort and convenience.

Walk-In Tubs

Falling is one of the leading causes of death among the elderly, both men and women between ages 65 and 85. The bathroom is among the most dangerous places for them at home because of its slippery floor, so it would be best to install walk-in tubs. This will give the elderly an easier time when taking a bath. It will also spare your loved one from the possibility of hurting themselves while taking a bath.

These can secure your home whenever there is an elderly around. Remember that they are no longer as strong and robust as they used to and would need assistance that you can give. Aside from giving comfort, provide them with equipment that will make them feel loved.

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