When Did Teeth Whitening Begin?

Teeth Whitening in HertfordshireTeeth whitening is old news. In fact, the practice has been around since ancient Egypt. If you undergo bleaching procedures, laser treatments or use custom tray systems for teeth whitening today, Egyptians and other ancient populations concocted their own mixtures to achieve brighter smiles.

Ground Pumice and Vinegar

Egyptians mixed wine vinegar with ground pumice to make their whitening toothpaste. But instead of the toothbrush you use today, they relied on frayed sticks. The twigs worked well enough to get rid of particles in the teeth. Applied with the wine vinegar paste, and the Egyptians had a perfectly good whitening solution at home.

Ancient Romans, on the other hand, had a less pleasant concoction to brighten their smiles. Their whitening solution contained pee. Because of ammonia in the liquid, it acted as a bleaching agent while Romans brushed their teeth. Although, it brought a new meaning to ‘morning breath’.

During the 17th century, barbers were responsible for teeth whitening. They filed the teeth and applied acid. While the substance whitened teeth, it also destroyed tooth enamel.

And then dentists discovered the teeth whitening effects of hydrogen peroxide.

The Quest for Beauty

Tray whitening systems use only low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, which health agencies regulate to ensure your safety during procedures. The compound’s concentration can be from 0.1% to 6%, depending on the degree of stain you have or the level of brightness you want.

While teeth whitening methods differ now, the reasons for getting one remains the same: beauty. Much like the Egyptians, people today still want the perfection and brilliance of white teeth to look better. Another difference involves the perception of a brighter smile. In ancient times, it meant wealth. Now, with fairly affordable procedures, whiter teeth simply means you look after your oral health.

With technology driving convenient and effective ways, from laser bleaching to custom tray whitening, you can achieve that brilliant white smile with ease.

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