Burger Nation: Through the Changing Times

Burgers in Australia Hamburgers have been around for almost a century; its origins being a coalescence of various countries and lore. It has managed to insinuate itself in the lives of almost every single person around the world, with each country having its own variation of what makes an incredible burger. Now there are a number of burger shops flourishing left and right.

At a glance, this sandwich seems mundane: ground meat shaped into a patty, wedged between two slices of bread and garnished with a handful of vegetables. So how did it manage to endure for so long and infringe on so many places all at once?

Evolution is the key

Remember the seemingly humdrum description of the basic burger?  That might have been the case a hundred years ago, but not so nowadays. Like a typical IOS, this basic burger has undergone a lot of updates over the years. Deconstructed and reinvented to suit the changing times. The usual white bread is given grill marks to give the juicy patty a warm toasty hug. The plain onions caramelised to add to its glistening perfection, and the usual slice of cheese melted and oozing before being served.  Burger shops have also evolved to satisfy the need for ambience: from retro style dining to food truck street-eats.

Diversity and inclusion considered

It does not matter who you are or where you’re from. There is definitely a perfect burger for each one. Vegan, all-meat, gourmet, Aussie with the lot – burger shops have managed to dish up burger variations for almost everyone from all walks of life, notes an expert from Burgerurge.com.au.

Burgers are politically correct

There exists an unspoken pact to honour and respect burger traditions from countries around the world. Like how you would get a burger with beetroot and pineapple from an Australian burger shop, or fries served between the patty and bread when you order a French burger.

In its own way, the humble burger has managed to shape people’s perspective and inspire creativity all over the world. It has stood the test of time and geography because of its adaptability. The great Bruce Lee once said, ‘Be like water’.  I say ‘Be like the hamburger’.

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