The need for well-aligned teeth with Invisalign London

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One of the biggest oral health issues amongst adults living in the United Kingdom is misaligned teeth, which is a more widespread issue than many people realise until it is pointed out to them. Living with misaligned, crooked, or protruding teeth can often lead to a person having to live with a large amount of discomfort in their mouths and poor standards of oral health and hygiene.

The real problem here is that if someone has to live with poor oral hygiene standards due to the inability to clean their teeth properly with a toothbrush because their teeth are misaligned, then they are at greater risk of developing common dental issues such as gum disease, plaque or tooth decay. Yet, many adults can avoid these problems by undergoing dental alignment treatment, making their teeth easier to navigate with a toothbrush and be cleaned fully.

One of the main reasons a large number of adults are still living with misaligned or crooked teeth is the refusal from many to engage with treatment at an earlier stage in their lives. Many current patients were probably offered metal and wire braces in their teen years, but they may have refused to proceed with the treatment. With a modern treatment such asInvisalign London, issues of treatments being unsightly are now resolved, meaning potential patients can now receive the treatment they feel they need in a completely discreet way.

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A discreet tooth alignment treatment for a modern world

When rethinking the way dental alignment treatment is delivered, researchers and developers knew they had to address the major concerns of potential patients; this included rethinking the way dental alignment devices looked when worn in the mouth. This research led to the creation of a new breed of clear aligners, giving them the ability to be practically invisible when worn.

Invisalign is a treatment that uses two layers of clear plastic that are moulded together to create an aligner to match the needs of the individual patient. Unlike metal and wire braces that fit around the teeth, this new breed of aligner can be worn over the teeth, easily removed for a short time if the patient experiences discomfort and simply placed back into position once the discomfort has reduced.

Preparing to receive treatment

Prior to receiving dental alignment treatment of any kind, it is important that any patient has their needs fully assessed by attending an appointment with a dentist to have their teeth, gums and other aspects of the mouth examined. Following this examination, a series of aligners can be created to meet the patient’s needs that will help move them toward the results they are seeking. Each aligner must be worn by the patient for around two weeks when it is replaced with the next one in the series.

Dental alignment treatment may last for between 12 and 18 months before the patient sees the full results they are seeking; however, following the completion of treatment, the patient should enjoy a greater standard of oral hygiene.

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