War Stories: Drawing Inspiration Where Terror and Horror Prevailed


Nothing good ever comes out of war, or so we think. Amidst all the terrors of war, we find extraordinary stories of valor, courage, and compassion that lift our spirits and inspire us to do good.

War has done so much damage to people’s properties and psyches. We would often hear of veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with some even committing suicide to end their post-war suffering.

Hospice care services in Indiana, Montana, and every state in the U.S. hopes to make vets’ lives better by helping them deal with their emotions and anxieties. Such is the ugly truth of war. At the end of the day, no one really wins.

However, despite all the atrocities that war has produced in nations and in the lives of people, some stories stand out and serve as beacons that shine brightly in the dark. These stories help restore our faith in humanity that despite the great divide war has caused, people will still respond with compassion to a fellow human being.

5 of the Most Inspiring Stories to Ever Come Out of War and Destruction

The Great Confederate Snowball Fight

Rarely do we hear of war stories where both parties engaged in some friendly fun. During the Civil War in 1863, grown men — tough soldiers — became 10-year-olds again when they engaged in a friendly snowball fight with each other.

Under the command of General Hoke, the North Carolinians charged the Georgians with and battered them with snowballs. In response, the Georgians retaliated which then ensued into a blur of snowballs between 10,000 men.

Posthumous Award Recommended by the Enemy

When an enemy recognizes you and recommends you to be a recipient of one of the state’s highest awards, you have gained their respect as a person and combatant.

Such is the case with Lieutenant-Commander Gerard Roope when he was recommended by German captain Helmuth Haye to be the recipient of the Victoria Cross for “putting up a good fight” and for his outstanding bravery amid impending death.

The Miracle Concentration Camp Babies


Whenever you think of concentration camps, the first thing that comes to mind is torture and death. This all the more makes this miracle more inspiring.

Seven babies were born and raised in secret in a concentration camp located in Kaufering, Germany. Other POWs extended their hand to help raise these babies without the knowledge of the Nazis.

When the camp was liberated by U.S. soldiers, the sight of the babies and their mothers living among the dead was a sight for sore eyes for the servicemen.

Judy, Canine POW

The only dog to be registered as a POW, Judy’s story is a colorful one. The English pointer, who served as the mascot for the Royal Navy, was instrumental in saving plenty of lives even as a prisoner.

She met her master at a Medan camp where she protected her fellow POWs from being beaten up by guards and hunted down food for them.

She was temporarily separated from her master when the ship carrying them to transport them to another facility got torpedoed. She saved people’s lives again during this time by helping carry them to floating debris.

After a few days, she was reunited with her master and she was eventually awarded a medal for her heroism after the war.

Japanese “Schindler”

Despite all the rap that the Japanese imperial army received from WWII, one man made a huge difference in the lives of Jewish refugees.

Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese vice-consul in Lithuania, helped about 6,000 Jews flee from Europe by giving them transit visas that allowed them to go through Japan-controlled territories unharmed and unscathed.

While the Edwin Starr song rings true about war, that it is good for absolutely nothing, stories like these serve as silver linings to the dark clouds that we face as a human race.

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