Types of Security Locks

A key in a door's lock The very purpose of security locks is to prevent a burglar from forcefully breaking into a property. In recent development, designers and engineers, such as those in Zanden Mount Lock & Key Service in Tauranga, have produced locks that are resistant to drilling and other lock picking tools. Sounds promising, right? You can purchase two types of locks available in the market: mechanical and electric.

Electric Security Locks

These locks operate with an electric signal, which has control of the bolt allowing the door to open and close. Most of them require a password or a card key from a person to access the property. Some of these electric locks are usually tied into a home security alarm system that will signal the police in case of burglary or emergency.

Mechanical Security Locks

All mechanical key locks require a key for usage. One of the most conventional mechanical lock designs are the cylindrical lock sets. They are designed to fit into a small hole, which is usually cut into the door.

The other type in this category is the mortise lock. This one is installed into a pocket within the edge of your door and offers better security than the cylindrical lock. They are relatively more expensive, however. Customers operate these using a knob, lever or handle, and a key.

Bottom Line

One of the best ways to keep your loved ones and belongings safe from intruders is security locks. Although this might seem obvious, many property owners think a lock or two on their front doors and one on their windows is enough. There are plenty of budget-friendly systems in the market today, and retailers would be happy to assist you. Here’s to a good home and a peace of mind!

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