Types of Fences Fit for Your House

Home Fence Now that you’ve found the perfect home, you may want to take a look around and focus on your surroundings. Building a fence around your home is a great way to mark your territory, increase privacy and security, not to mention improve your property’s curb appeal. It matters what style and size you choose, as this will affect all of the aforementioned functions.

If you’re unsure yet what type of fence you want to put up, here are your options.

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences are easy to install and affordable, making it one of the top choices of homeowners. It gives your property a clean and tailored look, making your yard look a million bucks. If you have more budget for spending, consider a wrought-iron fence instead for a more upscale look. It may require a more demanding regular maintenance from elements, but its visual appeal makes it all worth it.

Wooden Fence

Another popular choice for homeowners conscious of their property’s aesthetics is the wood fence. Wood fences are sensitive to a lot of natural elements, such as rain and mold, and require a lot of maintenance, but are great for lending your home a rustic look. You can use wood for a picket fence or split rail fence, depending on your preference and your house’s style.

Chain Link Fence

This is the most low cost and low maintenance option among all three. It’s a simple fencing system that does what fences are for – keep others out and keep your properties in. Since these are simple to build and to look at, you can beautify them by adding flowering shrubs, which also adds a sense of privacy.

Other than these three, you also have greener options, such as the composite fence or plant fencing. Composite fencing is the binding of recycled materials to create a solid barrier, such as plastic materials with wood. Plant fencing, on the other hand, is using actual plants and trees as your fence.

Whichever your choice, consider which option is the most cost-effective and easy to maintain for the convenience of you and your family.

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