Scams Should You Watch Out for When Buying an RV

RV Camper in ArkansasWhile RV purchase scams are not the norm, some people still end up being scammed by corny artists. There are various places you can buy an RV whether new or used. Some of these Arkansas RV dealers are reputable while some are not. These deceptive habits could be disappointing to unsuspecting buyers and that is why it’s essential to take every precaution before making any purchases.

Reputable RV dealer Moix RV reveals some of the scams to watch out for.

Fake Escrow Companies

Scammers have devised ways to create legitimate looking escrow companies that are actually fake. When a distant person suggests that you should use an online escrow service, run and don’t look back.

Seller Asks for a Partial Payment Upfront

When a distant seller asks you for a partial payment upfront and promises to ship the goods right away, then this may be so good to be true. Some will even tell you that they trust you with the partial payment. This is a scam you need to watch out for.

Someone Requests for Your Personal Information

Another warning is if a seller starts asking for your personal information like credit card numbers, SSN, and so on.

The Seller Claims to be Out of the Country

Some online RV dealers are scammers and they will tell you that they are out of the country doing business or handling an urgent matter; They’ll even try and justify their low price in order to lure you into the deal. Be very careful with such sellers.

Wire Transfer Requests

Most scammers will request you to deposit the money by wire transfer as it's convenient and fast. If you’ve never seen the RV physically, never send a deposit via money transfer or by wire. Use a service like Escrow instead.

So if you’re looking for genuine dealers, do your homework both online and offline. Ask for references from people and visit their location personally to inspect the RVs being sold.

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