Traveling with a Baby: Things Every Parent Should Know


Traveling may not be advisable right now with the virus still around. But once the pandemic is over, you may want to go on that dream vacation you’ve been planning for a long time.

While traveling alone or with your partner is a breeze, traveling with a baby is another story. Yes, it’s quite a challenge when you take a flight with a baby in tow. But this challenge can be made easier if you know what to do.

Check out the following tips you need to know if you’re traveling with a baby.

Plan Properly

As they say, if you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail. This is particularly true when you’re planning to go to Hawaii for summer with the whole family, including your baby. If a simple walk in the park requires you to plan what to bring, then getting on a five-hour long-flight to paradise will require a lot of preparation.

You may be tempted to go with the flow, but there are some things that you need to prepare for before going to the airport. You should make sure everything you need is ready before the flight.

Avoid Overpacking

One thing that many parents will do when preparing baby stuff is to overpack. You should resist the temptation of packing everything you have in the baby closet when you travel. Yes, you can bring the cute little outfit you received as a gift for your newborn baby. Make sure it still fits.

You should avoid bringing too many baby toys and gear while traveling. It is even possible that the hotel you’re staying in will have everything you need for your baby. Limit yourself to the essentials and avoid packing everything.

Ship Stuff Ahead

If you’re planning to be out for at least a week, you may want to consider shipping some of the baby stuff ahead. For instance, you need to go to London for a week for a conference and you have to bring your baby, you can send some of your baby’s things to your destination so you won’t have to lug around a lot of stuff.

Shipping stuff ahead also allows you to take care of your baby while you travel. Several companies can help you ship your luggage to your destination. All you need to do is to check which one best meets your needs. Aside from keeping your hands free, you also save on the cost of checking in your luggage.

Coincide the Flight Schedule with the Nap Schedule


Pick a schedule that coincides with the nap time or bedtime of your baby. Scheduling your flight at the same time as the nap schedule allows you to relax during the flight. With the baby sleeping, you won’t have to worry about him bawling in the middle of the flight. Moreover, it will be a pleasant flight for you and the rest of the passengers.

Get a Baby Carrier

Wearing a baby carrier leaves both of your hands free to hold carry on luggage or a stroller. Also, you will always know where your baby is since he’s sitting right in front of you. Using the baby carrier of both for your convenience and the safety of your baby.

Buy a Seat for the Baby

While airlines allow babies under two years old to sit on the lap of their mothers during a flight, you may want to buy your baby a ticket. Giving the baby his own seat allows the baby to relax and even fall asleep.

Traveling with a baby can be a struggle, especially if the baby is cranky throughout the flight. But if you go through the tips above, traveling with your baby with be a breeze.

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