How to Achieve Healthier Hair: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Most men are loath to admit that they care about their appearance. They often take shots at women for taking way too long to finish preparing, when they themselves take their time doing the same things. And in many cases, a man’s beauty regimen is just as complicated as a woman’s. Beauty is genderless, and both sexes need to take good care of their skin and hair.

Hair is power, and whether it’s the hair on your head or your face, it wouldn’t feel right if we went out without making sure it looks good. Some of us even use beard color shampoo to get the look right. But hair care can be a messy business, and if you don’t know the basics, you could easily ruin your hair. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Stay away from heat

There’s a reason why your hair feels dryer and more brittle after a day at the beach. Prolonged exposure to heat will damage your hair, so make sure your hair is protected from natural and artificial heat sources. Excessive blow-drying is one of the most common causes of damaged hair. It’s also smart to keep hot showers to a minimum. Hot water strips your hair and scalp’s protective layer.

2. Avoid tight hats

Many men wear hats or caps daily. I get it: our outfits wouldn’t be complete without our favorite accessory. But excessive hat wear can damage hair and exacerbate hair loss. Any type of contact with your hair can be damaging, and if the fit is too tight, your hair follicles are pulled from their roots. If your hat feels snug, loosen the fit a bit to let your hair breathe.

3. Don’t rub your hair

The natural thing to do to our hair after a rinse or a shower is to rub it dry with a towel. But we know now that this is extremely damaging to the hair follicles. Hair is especially sensitive when it’s wet, and you need to be careful to prevent further damage. You want to minimize the amount of friction in your hair. Otherwise, stretching and follicle breakage may occur, which affects the texture of the hair and causes split ends.

The safest way to dry your hair is also the most obvious one: squeeze the water out. Use the towel to softly dab excess moisture out of your hair. If your hair is short enough, you can leave it to air-dry. Blow drying isn’t advisable in any scenario, but if you’re running late for an appointment, you may use the blow-dryer on the lowest setting.

4. Use fewer products

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Whether you rock a man bun or a pompadour, hair styling wouldn’t be possible without the hair products we use. Pomades, waxes, and hair sprays keep our hair in place and give it the sheen or hold we desire. But excessive product use can damage hair, especially if the active ingredients are incompatible with your hair type.

Take some time to check the products you use. You shouldn’t use more than one styling product at a time. Throw out products you haven’t used in a long time. It’s also smart to check the consistency of the product. Oil and grease might look good, but it’s also difficult to manage. Look for alternatives that aren’t as heavy or damaging.

A final word

Healthy hair looks and feels better. Keep these four tips in mind to ensure your hair remains healthy, smooth, and shiny. Of course, hair maintenance is just one component of your overall well-being. You also need to lead a healthy lifestyle if you want to look and feel good. Eight hours of sleep, a balanced diet, and regular exercise are all you really need.

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