Trampoline Activities: A Fun Way to Combat Obesity

trampoline park

trampoline parkIn technology-dominated society, children and adults alike have lesser physical activities. This and the fast food hype had led Australia to be on top of the list of obesity, with the rates growing faster than any other country. A new study reported that almost a quarter of the country’s children and 63 per cent of the adult population are overweight.

Here is an enjoyable activity to help you lose weight and enjoy other health benefits:

A Fun Way to Combat Obesity

If the rigors of dieting and hitting the gym feel torturous to you, bring your entire family in a trampoline park. The activities are especially helpful for kids; they will not realise they are getting a workout without even noticing it.

Trampoline jumping is a cardio workout in itself that makes you burn more than 1000 calories within an hour. It strengthens your bones and increases bone density more than running, according to fitness experts. It has unique benefits compared to other forms of exercise because it involves increasing our G-force – force created in the body as a result of acceleration or gravity. It does not only boost your energy, but also increases your white blood cells, among others. Based on a research conducted by NASA, the US Space Agency, trampolining is kinder on the joints, exercises the whole body and has greater aerobic benefits than other forms of intense physical activity.

Other Activities

For father and sons, they may enjoy slam dunks as well as some big bags, super tramps or dodge ball or tuck shop. In fact, some of these are also for moms and daughters. It can be the perfect bonding activity for everyone.

There are a thousand and one health benefits of jumping, trampolining or rebounding. So, bring your family along and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping moments in a trampoline park.

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