Tips to Improve Your Company’s Energy-Efficiency

Office Interior

Energy conservation is a big concern among many businesses today. Not only is it good for the planet, but it’s is also good for your bottom line.

A very big overhead expense every month is the electricity. Here are some important ways you can reduce both your electricity costs and carbon footprint:


Windows affect the office’s interior temperature. The bigger the windows, the higher the chance that sunlight will end up warming the office. This means your cooling systems would have to work extra hard to compensate. In colder regions, windows let out heat even if they are always closed.

A very effective way of fixing this problem is by using window film from Dallas. Amersol can provide you with window films that can reduce the heat and UV rays that come from the sun. They are also a cheap way of providing more insulation for the office.

HVAC systems

To conserve energy, some offices have a scheduling system so that the air conditioning unit or heater is not always on. They also make sure the systems aren’t always at their highest setting. When possible, some companies also try to upgrade their systems to be more energy-efficient.


What many do not realize is that energy can be wasted in small incremental amounts that add up. One way this happens is through the opening and closing of doors in and out of the office area. It may seem minimal to some; but in high traffic areas, such as the office entrance, the constant door movement does affect the interior environment. This means that the AC units and heaters have to work overtime to compensate.

To deal with this, some companies have built a vestibule at the entrance of the office to ensure that the interior atmosphere is not affected when people enter or exit. This also helps during stormy or windy days as the double sets of doors prevent drafts from coming in and disrupting people’s work.

All these little energy wastes can add up to significantly costing your company in the long-run. Reducing costs by saving energy is a good move for businesses who want lower costs both for themselves and the planet.

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