Ever Ready: Packing an Emergency Kit

Emergency Kit List And Equipment

Disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and landslides, can strike anytime — and they may even happen when you least expect it. Their effects can be devastating and have a great chance of displacing you and your family.

When they happen, there is nothing you cannot do but flee and increase your chance of survival with whatever you have taken with you. Things will be much more bearable in the aftermath of a disaster when you have your emergency kit with you — a bag that contains all the essentials, something that you can easily take with you.

Below are some guidelines to follow if you are thinking of packing your emergency kit.

The Essentials

There will be a great chance that food and drinks will be scarce in the midst of and after the disaster. As such, you need to pack food that can last up to three days. Pack non-perishable goods, such as those contained in easy-to-open cans. Dried food, such as nuts and fruits, will also do. Do not forget to have bottled water for each member of the family.

The Equipment

Other than food and drink, you need equipment and items that will make your life in the aftermath of the disaster much more bearable. Do not forget to include sleeping bags, radio, flashlight, and batteries. If you are planning to give each of your family a set of these items, Battery Clerk says that you can get wholesale batteries for sale online or from a local shop. Also, include toiletries.

The First Aid Kit

Your kit should also include first aid items. These may include basic medicines, anti-allergens, medical alcohol, bandage, and scissors. There should also be sanitary napkins and face masks.

Also, keep a copy of your insurance policy and other important documents to make claims much easier. Place everything in a bag or rucksack and keep it in an accessible place.

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