Three Signs of a Good Conference Theme

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One of the defining characteristics of a successful conference is a good theme. It’s what compels people to attend and talk about it years later. On your end, it’s what sets the tone for your planning, keeps your messaging consistent, and directs the live event. The theme of the conference is so crucial that most organizations in Denver planning to launch such an event dedicate a day or two just to brainstorm for it.

To guide you in your own brainstorming session, here are the signs you’ve picked a good theme:

When it’s reflective of the organization’s values

The conference you’ll be putting your time, energy, and resources to is an output of your organization; therefore, it essentially reflects you. Take a step back and review your core values, mission, and branding. One Floor Up experts suggest that these three should reflect in your conference theme. Event planning companies in Denver can help you with this, so you can effectively bring out your organization’s identity in your conference.

When it’s relatable to your audience

A conference theme that resonates with the people you’re targeting is one that will definitely drive attendance. Pin down exactly who your target audience is. Who do you want to attend your conference? Why them? Go past the traditional demographic profiles of age, gender, and line of profession. If you could identify psychographics, say, their interests outside work, life struggles, or social media activities, better. That will give you enough insights you can draw on in brainstorming for a good conference theme.

When it’s relevant to the times and trends

Your conference’s goal is to let attendees update or improve their knowledge on a certain subject. Draw inspiration from the latest news in your industry. What are the current matters people are talking about? Or which topics are worth drawing attention to and talking about? When you’re able to identify such, it will help in generating a conference theme that fits right in its context. What’s more, you’re guaranteed to create buzz for your event.

Have you picked a good conference theme yet? A good theme enough to draw people? Take note of the mentioned factors when brainstorming for your conference theme.

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