Not Cool, Mate: The Case of Hot Flushes Among Men

Woman With Hot Flush

Everybody knows that hot flushes are a common symptom of menopause among women. But what you probably don’t know is that these aren’t just “women’s health problems,” it can happen to men, too. It’s a frustrating problem, but maintaining a cool environment and a healthy diet can help relieve such symptoms.

Hot Flushes in Men

For both men and women, hot flushes happen due to hormonal imbalance. In women, it’s the drop in estrogen. In men, it’s the testosterone. Most men, however, don’t experience a sudden dip in hormones. In fact, testosterone levels are reduced by 1% only a year after men hit the age of 40, so more or less, there’s enough testosterone to keep hot flushes at bay.

The ones who experience such heavy sweating and reddening of the skin though are men who underwent androgen deprivation therapy. It’s a treatment for prostate cancer, the second most common type of cancer among Australian men.

According to Sydney health experts, the therapy restricts the production of testosterone to also restrict the growth of cancer cells. When there’s low testosterone, the brain thinks the body is overheating so it sends a signal to cool off, causing you to sweat excessively.

Relief for Symptoms

There are several ways to ease hot flushes. You may take medications and ask your doctor about it. Adjusting your environment can also help, keeping your home interiors cool by installing an AC. Ask around for Daikin ducted air conditioning prices. Sydney homes mostly have such types of cooling systems because it cools the entire house easily. With such a unit, you’ll experience comfort wherever you are at home.

Of course, it also helps to wear light clothing. Or if you must have layers of clothes, go for pieces that can easily be taken off in the event that the symptoms strike.

Keep an eye on your diet, as well. It’s best to avoid spicy food, alcohol, and coffee, as these can trigger hot flushes. Same with smoking, so kick the habit to prevent the symptoms.

Hot flushes aren’t just a women’s problem. It can happen to men, too. Keep a cool, comfortable environment and watch what you eat to relieve and prevent symptoms.

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