Things that People Get Wrong When Hiring a Skip

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Hiring a skip has apparent merits. Whether you are ridding your house of rubbish or tackling a home improvement, having a sizeable container to put and store trash helps minimise hazards and ensure cleanliness. Plus, a skip comes with professional services so that you do not have to transport and dispose of your haul of unwanted belongings or waste materials yourself.

While getting a waste skip for hire is common practice, many individuals are still unfamiliar with how things work. If you have never used a hire skip before, you might be surprised to experience the following:

Not Being Asked to Segregate

Many people pleasantly learn that they do not have to sort out the items they can put in the container. Yes, you are free to mix plastic with wood along with soil and rubble. You do not have to get a separate skip for each of the things of that you want to get rid of. The fact that you can throw different types of rubbish makes whatever you will do less stressful.

Waste management firms gladly handle segregation because they have resources to compartmentalise items for recycling. However, keep in mind that skip companies do not always accept hazardous waste, let alone allow it to be mixed with other items. Also, think twice before adding cardboard to the container filled with various waste to avoid contamination.

Not Receiving an Exact Estimate

It is not unusual for skip companies to charge by the tonne. You might receive an estimate over the phone based on the size of the container you will choose, but the final cost depends on the kind of waste that you will throw.

If truth be told, waste management firms usually do not know how much their expenses will be until the rubbish is ready for disposal. Some overheads are hard to determine at the upfront. For example, recycling costs vary from item to item. If you insist, though, a company’s representative can give you a price idea, but manage your expectations since the business has some uncertainties.

Not Being Allowed to Go Over the Line

skip filled with rubbish

It’s imperative to get a bigger skip than a smaller one to avoid any hassle come collection time. The driver might refuse to take the container away if you overfill it. The law does not allow skip companies to move skips with unsafe loads to avoid road accidents.

Upon the arrival of your skip, ask the driver where the fill line is. This way, you can avoid overstuffing the container.

Not Getting a Skip at a Convenient Time

Sometimes, a driver will arrive late but not for lack of trying to be punctual. Skip companies and their customers contend with different causes of delay. Looking for hazardous waste in the skip and unloading excess rubbish are two of the common reasons why a driver might miss your pick-up or drop-off appointment by some time.

Using a hire skip might not be the most complicated activity out there, but it pays to be aware of certain conventions to avoid inconveniences. Considering that your misconceptions can affect the driver and other customers’ schedules, do your share to make everyone’s lives easier.

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