Couple Trouble: How Moving Affects Your Relationship

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What’s more stressful than heartbreak? Moving. At least, that’s what the recent survey says. From packing stuff and redirecting mails to letting go of some belongings and leaving friends behind, relocating appears to be really more taxing than a couple split. If you have relocated even for once in your life, you probably know what it’s like to go through all of those preparations and tasks.

Interestingly though, moving isn’t just more stressful than a relationship breakdown — it’s stressful for a relationship. Here are some of the ways relocation can affect your relationship:

You’ll argue on a lot of things, a lot of times

Petty fights start with one partner expecting the other to do a certain task, while the other fails to do so. Some also argue when an item gets lost in the packing or is left at the previous home. Others, on the other hand, quarrel simply over not being in control over the situation, feeling lost in the big transition, especially if it’s a long-distance move.

The key to keeping the peace between you and your partner is to plan thoroughly. Right from the start, sit down and discuss who will do which (the tasks include decluttering, selling, donating, packing, loading, etc.). To better accomplish these tasks, consider reaching out to reputable long distance moving companies that provide a full range of moving services.

Create a checklist as well, so you won’t forget anything. Your moving plan should also include the commitment to communicate with each other at all times.

You might have money problems

Depending on the distance and the number of things to be relocated, moving can be expensive. This is especially true when you’re moving across the state or the country. You’ll need to set up utilities, calculate movers’ fees, and buy insurance for valuable items, not to mention the monthly mortgage payments.

couple fighting over financial issues

As you know, money is often the cause of relationship problems. But this can simply be addressed by preparing well with a budget. Don’t forget to allot a certain amount for emergencies or unplanned expenses.

Organize your finances. Write down the specific costs of the move and compare the list with your combined income. From there, you will know if you’re indeed ready to take the plunge. Note that there are many ways to cut down on moving costs, from timing your move well to getting different quotes from multiple movers.

You’ll have less time for each other

Moving is especially tiring. If you’re decluttering and packing a two-bedroom house, that could really drain out your energy, leaving you too exhausted and unwilling to spend time with each other. That could take a toll on your relationship. What you can do here is perform some tasks together and be intentional in communicating. Don’t swap date nights for last-minute packing as well. Prioritize those private and intimate moments with each other.

Moving can put a strain in your relationship, but there are ways to curb that stress. Remember these tips as you pack and load your stuff to ensure a stress-free move.

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