The Run Up and the Follow Up: Pre-Event and Post-Event Duties

Event OrganizerEvents exist in a bubble. You’ll only know if it’s successful once it’s already happening. You don’t leave it on itself, because today, the hype is as much as your promise of a good event.

Preshow tactics are important; it makes your event visible. It’s about making noise, but only to people, you want to come to your show/event. It’s a homerun drive to ensure that your plans get traction early. This is usually a part of planning that event producers like ULTIMATE EVENTS, INC. specialize, meaning that you don’t have to go about formulating a checklist by yourself.

Nevertheless, this is a sample draft to help you get started:

  • Printing of Promotional Items – Distributing flyers still has a purpose, and you can diversify by adding stickers, letters and brochures to make sure people know your event and what it’s about.
  • Advertise in Trade Newsletter – This could be your first step in increasing awareness for your event. You actually hit two birds with this move. Your event is present in the event newsletter, and only interested folks go through this kind of publication.
  • Utilize Various Promotional Methods – It won’t hurt you to do what everyone does, which is to give retrievable freebies, hand out coupons and start a raffle. It’s cliché, but it works.

This covers just one-half of your non-event responsibilities. The other is about post-show follow-ups. The worst thing you can do is to disappear after an event. It shows a lack of commitment to people you’ve convinced to pay attention.

Post-Event Duties

With every single lead, a follow-up comes next, and for your event (and company) to have a lasting impression on people, what you do after matters. Deliver on your promise, clear inquiries about your work, respond to emails comprehensively; post-event duties can take many other forms. If they’re interested, take the initiative and hook them in.

You have your work cut out for you in events, regardless of the scale of the show. Buckle up, because other than the main event, you need to build hype and deliver on your word to your customers.

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