Improving Rooftop Aesthetics and Comfort

Rooftop Designs From a running track to an outdoor cinema, architects are getting more creative when it comes to urban rooftop spaces. Often neglected, the rooftop is an area which should be better utilised.

Do away with bare rooftops and invest in a renovation project to improve it. A rooftop lounge is a nice place to hang out with colleagues or show clients as you take in the view or just enjoy a nice summer day. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Floorboards provide any space with a feeling of warmth and comfort. As opposed to concrete flooring, floorboards will give your rooftop lounge a welcoming ambience that your guests will surely love. It will also do wonders when it comes to the overall look of the area.


Aluminium coping systems provide a protective surface for your rooftop lounge’s parapet. They not only serve as a highly-aesthetic finish, they also protect walls and parapets from water damage; their sloping edge channels water away from the wall.


A little bit of green is never a bad idea. Plants or small trees generate fresh air and as they grow, can provide privacy with their shrubbery. They can soften the often hard, minimal feel of many rooftops.

Fire pit

During colder months or at night, a fire pit is a nice way to get warm. You can build a sitting area around a fire pit, perfect for that added sense of comfort and luxury. Before building one, however, make sure you follow safety regulations. The City of London, for example, allows outdoor fire pits for cooking if you do it between 11 a.m. and midnight and the fire should not be bigger than a specified measurement.

Space is a premium and as such, becoming more and more expensive. Investing in an often overlooked area of a building, like a rooftop, can reinvigorate the whole building. 



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