The role of dental websites in promoting the importance of good oral health

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Almost 75% of the adult population have a dental fear to some degree which causes a reluctance in visiting the dentist and considering dental treatments. Almost 10% of the adult population have a dental phobia which results in them avoiding the dentist at all costs. With advances in dental technology and the establishment of the internet, promoting the importance of good oral health has become so much easier than it had been in previous times. Good dental websites not only advertise the treatments and services that they offer but also promote the importance of frequently visiting the dentist, maintaining good oral hygiene and looking after your oral health in general.

Content marketing

Once you have a good dental website in place, you will need to maintain this on a regular basis by publishing new, relevant and interesting content as much as possible. This content can be in the form of written articles regarding the importance of visiting the dentist, looking after your oral health, different dental issues and diseases, treatments and procedures, the role of cosmetic dentistry in improving your smile and many other topics of interest. By regularly uploading photographs and videos of treatments done at your practice or different members of your team talking about the various aspects of dentistry, you will engage with your viewers more effectively.

Potential patients will see that you are actively promoting your practice and, after being exposed to your content over a certain period, they will be encouraged to consider dental treatment and book an appointment with you. Regular interesting content will also encourage your existing patients to visit you more frequently to take better care of their oral health and consider further treatment options which may be suitable for them.


Google SEO

A good website needs to impress Google as much as it impresses your patients. Most people search for information on health topics on a search engine. Google is the world’s busiest search engine and so, by creating new content and carefully maintaining your website routinely, Google will recognise that yours is a credible website that has the answers to dental queries. By finding out which dental terms are most commonly searched for on Google, you can tailor your content accordingly so that Google indexes your pages and puts you at the top of search results lists for dental searches in your area.

The importance of being mobile-friendly

It is also important to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly because the majority of dental searches are carried out on mobile phones. By making sure that your website is accessible on all devices including desktops, laptops and mobile phones, you will help potential patients find your website 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, either from the comfort of their homes or whilst they are on the move. Speak to a good dental marketing team today and find out more about how to make your website successful and stand out from the crowd to bring in more patients through your door very soon.

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